Rent a limousine with chauffeur in Bucharest.

Valentin Limo Trans is one of a kind service in renting a limousine with chauffeur in Bucharest. With no exception or compromise, every aspect of our operation is continually refined to meet the specific and demanding requirements of our customers.
Our business idea consists in transportation offers for all kind of businesses to tourism. From one day at disposal in Bucharest to one week holiday or country tour, we have the resources to handle all your requirements through a central resource. A single point of contact, carefully chosen personnel, 24 hour service, all contribute to an unique level of service. You can visit Romania and enjoy the time here.
We can also handle the individual requirements of your organization’s senior executives, discreetly and with the utmost attention to detail, increasing their sense of personal attention and exclusivity.
We offer simple and flexible rental terms at the best price in accordance with the length of the rental period. The prices for limousine rental are based on the length of renting period, number of miles and the type of car. That is why we ask you for as many details as you can offer, so that we can give you the optimal solution.

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We also have WIFI on board